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You're at Risk of Losing Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Customers

Increasing local and global competition means greater pressure on  businesses, and more incentive to streamline processes and sustain a  positive reputation with clients and suppliers. Information lost due to  inefficiencies means that your customer interactions could fall short,  leaving them wondering if you truly value their patronage.

The truth is your customers are your most valuable asset; without  them you would have no business. In order to maintain good customer  relationships, you need to look after your clients. That means  maintaining a comprehensive, up-to-date customer relationship management  (CRM) software system.
Integrated Solutions for your CRM Needs

CIM Software knows that every organization is unique, and we strive  to connect each business with the customer relationship management  solution best suited to their needs. Providing a complete overview of  customer interaction, from initial contact through to order and billing,  CRM applications give businesses a holistic look at the entire  relationship, be it with customers, suppliers, or partners. Essential in  providing value and streamlining interaction, the right CRM software  systems allow businesses to engage new customers while maintaining  strong relationships with existing clients.
Discover the power of CRM software systems:

  • Customer Service – Provide better service to your customers by  giving your staff immediate access to all relevant client information at  the push of a button
  • Marketing Automation – Streamline your marketing activities and  maintain a consistent brand message to track and measure campaign  response
  • Internal Efficiencies – Give management access to detailed  marketing, sales, and customer analytics to increase visibility and  facilitate decision making
  • Sales Cycle Improvements – Automatically assign leads, track  competition, and give your sales teams a complete picture of their  potential clients to decrease redundancies in the traditional sales  structure
  • Reporting Functionality – detailed reporting allows for complete  organizational transparency with advanced business intelligence.

Act! Release Enhancements

New features include:

  • All new, redesigned Act! E-Marketing
  • All Act! 2016 (v18) users receive a 500 contact E-Marketing account FREE
  • Built in Call List functionality
  • Increased web functionality
  • Create Smart Tasks (automatic activity) based on Call List score
  • Use Smart Tasks to automatically assign access rights to specific users
  • One way Outlook sync to guard against duplicate contacts

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Experience Matters

Your network is your business lifeline. Your CRM efficiency  is vital to your sales and marketing. CIM Software is ready to provide  experience as well as certifified support for both your network and for  your Contact management.